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journal "NEW GLASS"
"NEW GLASS" is published quarterly, and written in Japanese.

Current Issue

Serial No.121 cover photo NEW GLASS
Vol.32 No.2 2017
(Serial No.121)


Silica and me ------- p.1

Koichi Shiraishi

Feature Articles: glass of solidification of radioactive waste

1) The Situation of vitrification for Radioactive Waste in Japan ------- p.4

Toshiki Fukui

2) Fundamental and practical research on glass for the encapsulation of radioactive wastes -present and future- ------- p.8

Tetsuji Yano

3) Development of glass melting process for LLW ------- p.14

Toshiro Oniki

4) Development for advanced melter in Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant ------- p.18

Norio Kanehira

5) Composition Optimization of Iron Phosphate-Based Glasses for Nuclear Waste Immobilization ------- p.23

Hiromichi Takebe etc.

6) Introduction of Impulsing Paradigm Change through disruptive Technologies (ImPACT) 'Reduction and Resource Recycle of High Level Radioactive Wastes with Nuclear Transmutation' ------- p.28

Hiroyuki Inoue

New Glass Research Topics

Boson peak dynamics investigated by terahertz spectroscopy ------- p.31

Tatsuya Mori etc.

Topics of Meeting on Glass

1) Report on the 27th Meeting on Glasses for Photonics ------- p.36

Nobuaki Terakado

2) Report on Seminar of Glass Surface and Analysis 2016 ------- p.38

Naoki Toyofuku

"3) Report on the Ceramic Society of Japan, Annual Meeting 2017" ------- p.40

Ayaka Kobayashi

4) Activity report of Melting simulation study group ------- p.43

Ryotaro Kanai

Relative Organization

The 7th General Meeting Report New Glass Forum ------- p.45

History of research activities

Heretic? I don't mind. 4. How can we control electronic conductivity of a-chalcogenides? ------- p.47

Hiroshi Kawazoe


Visit to the HIEIZAN ENRYAKUJI (and MINOBUSAN KUONJI) ------- p.52

Masaru Kobayashi