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journal "NEW GLASS"
"NEW GLASS" is published quarterly, and written in Japanese.

Current Issue

Serial No.126 cover photo NEW GLASS
Vol.34 No.1 2019
(Serial No.126)


Concept of Glass State in Different Fields: Spin Dipole and Strain Glasses ------- p.1

Katsuhisa Tanaka

Feature Articles: The emission of light of the glass

1) Current status of R&D of efficient luminescent glass and issues for practical application ------- p.3

Tomoko Akai

2) Mid-infrared emitting glasses prepared by a containerless processing ------- p.7

Kohei Yoshimoto etc.

3) Rare-earth ion doped glass for near-infrared wideband phosphor Pr3+ doped GeO2 based glass ------- p.11

Shingo Fuchi

4) A Mechanism of Nanocrystallization of Glass and Glass Structure ------- p.15

Kenji Shinozaki

5) Preparation of light-energy storage glass ceramics using Frozen sorbet technique ------- p.21

Takayuki Nakanishi

6) SiAlON phosphor in glasses ------- p.25

Hiroyo Segawa etc.

New Glass Reserch Topics

Fabrication of functional glass fibers by using melt in tube method ------- p.29

Jianrong Qiu

Lectures For Newcomer And Leaders

Glass Defects from Corrosion of Refractories ------- p.33

Kenji Matano

Introduce Research Institute

1) Stay at Sorbonne Universite in France ------- p.37

Rikiya Kado

2) Second stay in University of Rennes 1 France ------- p.41

Yusuke Daiko

Topics of Meeting on Glass: ICG Annual Meeting 2018

1) Hosting ICG Annual Meeting 2018 ------- p.44

Hiroyuki Inoue

2) Report on ICG Annual Meeting 2018 ------- p.49

Michiyuki Nakamura

3) Report on the ICG Annual Meeting 2018 Yokohama ------- p.52

Kazutaka Hayashi

4) Report on the International Commission on Glass (ICG) Annual Meeting 2018 ------- p.55

Toshiro Oniki

Introduction of New Glass Products & Production Technology

1) Development of a free fall type submarine probe 'Edokko Mark 1' ------- p.58

Hiroshi Takahashi

2) NIR cut off filter glass for digital camera cmos senser ------- p.61

Kazuyoshi Yanagi

Introduction of New Book

Teaching Glass Better -10th Anniversary of the ICG Summer School- ------- p.63

Akira Takada

Relative Organization

Report on the New Year Party 2019 of the Glass Industry Conference ------- p.66

New Glass Forum

History of research activities

A Life in US universities for a half century (Part 2) ------- p.70

Minoru Tomozawa


Travel and stay with research experiences for glass and crystal ------- p.76

Takumi Fujiwara