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International Glass Database System  INTERGLAD Ver. 7

INTERGLAD is the International Glass Database System developed by the New Glass Forum in Japan.
INTERGLAD Ver. 7 is the latest information system for glasses; it contains data on properties and/or structural features of approximately 310,000 types of glasses. Ver. 7 was released first in Japan in 2009, and Ver. 7.1 has been released for all over the world in October 2010.

The main functions of INTERGLAD are four-fold:
1. Data search for glass,
2. Analysis of searched-for glass data,
3. Prediction of properties and design of glass composition (composition optimization),
4. Registration of user data.

→ See "Outline of INTERGLAD/Outline/3. Contents and Functions" from the menu of the right side for detail.
Application Types
INTERGLAD Ver. 7 has 3 application types:
1. Standard edition,
2. Internet edition,
3. CD Full Function edition .

The use of the Standard edition and Internet edition requires one to connect to the INTERGLAD server of the New Glass Forum. The CD Full Function edition does not require connection to Internet
→ See "Outline of INTERGLAD/Outline/4. Application Types" from the menu of the right side for detail.
User Types
INTERGLAD Ver. 7 offers user access in two formats:
1. Annual contract for the Standard edition and Internet edition,
2. One-time purchase of the CD Full Function edition.

→ See "Application for Use/User types and Application procedures" from the menu of the right side for detail.
Try the Trial edition free
Trial edition of INTERGLAD Ver. 7 is prepared. Only by easy registration, it can be used on the Web for free. Search and analysis for the catalog data of glasses in the database can be performed.

→ See "Application for Use/User types and Application procedures/(3) Application for Trial edition" from the menu of the right side for detail.
To the users of INTERGLAD Ver. 6
* INTERGLAD Ver. 6 can be used as before for the time being.
* Renew INTERGLAD from Ver. 6 to Ver.7. No additional fee is required. Download the program from "Ver. 7 Standard edition system download/ Access to INTERGLAD" from the menu of the right side with your User ID and Password.
* User data registered in Ver. 6 can de used also in Ver. 7 by easy exchange procedures.
* The fees have been changed in Ver. 7 from US-Dollar base in Ver. 6 to Japanese Yen base because of the fluctuation of exchange rate in these years. From your next renewal of the Annual Contract (annual membership) the fee becomes Japanese Yen base. For detail see "Application for Use/User types and Application procedures" from the menu. We would appreciate your understanding in advance.

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