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New Glass 82 Vol.21 No.3 (2006)


------- p.1

Junichi kitami

"Message from Former Manager,METI"

------- p.5

Yukiko Araki

Feature Articles: How Glass Relates to Water?

1. Water in Glasses ------- p.9

Minoru Tomozawa

2. Water in Silica Glass ------- p.16

Koichi Awazu

3. Aqua-Float Process ------- p.22

Gen Kojima

4. Water-repellent Coating on Glass ------- p.27

Yoshinori Akamatsu

5. Self-Cleaning Glass with Photoinduced Superhydrophilicity ------- p.35

Tetsuo Kawahara

Toshiaki Anzaki

6. Effect of Water on the Mechanical Properties of Glass ------- p.41

Jun Matsuoka

New Glass Research Topics

"Principle, Present Status and Prospects of Optical Fiber Amplifiers" ------- p.47

Setsuhisa Tanabe

Lectures for Newcomers

Development of New Flowcytometer for Damege Less Sorting ------- p.57

Jie Xu

Ken Tsukii

Toru Takahashi

Hisashi Koaizawa

Visit°°to°°Glass Research Institute

"Tsukuba Plant of Nippon Sheet Glass CO.,LTD." ------- p.62

Katsuhide Shimmo

Introduction of New Glass Products

Gamma-ray Shielding Lead Glass for PET Facilities 'Pro-GR' ------- p.65

Ken Choju

Topics of Meetings on Glass

Report on Memorial Lecture of NGF General Meeting ------- p.70

Takao Tomioka

Introduction of New Book

"Introduction to Glass Science and Technology° £≤nd Edition:2005°ň' (Written by James.E.Shelby, Alfred University, Published by Royal Society of Chemistry)" ------- p.73

Masataka Takagi


A Glass of Milk ------- p.75

Hiroshi Uchida

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